Thursday, December 8, 2011

Car Dealers Compete For You

Okay there's a really important reason why specific things I say here are key to seeing the heart of this concept. More people buy cars on Craigslist for the purpose of reselling, than people who buy for personal use. These buyers are usually licensed dealers who sell them to automotive auctions, where more qualified dealers determine their blue book value (or the actual value). Thus the online niche for automotive sales cannot be saturated, simply due to the fact that I'm killing two birds with one stone. What do I mean?

People look at this page for many different reasons. They just love this car, they are searching for a car, browsing for advice or perhaps looking to find a good market on the internet. Whatever the reason, this niche will draw tons of traffic and be lucrative to the auto dealer, the car buyer, the internet marketer; or it may just be helpful to the guy trying to fix his own car. Now although I need a new car, my particular interest here is internet marketing. Why? I bring in tons of website traffic by simply writing a daily post, leading automotive dealers to the concept of internet marketing and the internet marketer to a niche that actually sells.

Now for the real pearl of great price? I post this blog to every subdomain in the world over and never get in trouble for it. And just when you thought that was the real beauty, I don't have to be an auto dealer or give a shit about selling cars to make a ton of cash. Notice the ads on this page related to automotive interests. Notice the feed to your right. Using, I burned an adsense feed of the rss to this blog and pasted it to my dealer site. Click that link and when you get there, notice the same feed posted on that site. Also notice the auto enthusiasts dying to figure out how to market their own profile online. In fact, unless you're looking to buy a car, you're probably one of them. Happy Driving! Subscribe now to see tomorrows post on SEO and how much more powerful blogs are on Craigslist. Don't miss it!!!

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