Friday, December 16, 2011

Auto Sales With Article Submissions

Submitting articles with links pointing back to your blog or website is key to increasing it's link popularity; thus providing more potential website traffic to your business. This is called SEM or search engine marketing. When someone clicks on a link to your site, the search engine counts that click or impression as a vote. One of the best ways to increase impressions to your site, is to submit keyword rich articles, with anchor test links back to your blog or website from separate article submission websites.

There are a lot of scams and shortcuts which do not work and couldn't bring traffic to your site even if you used them everyday for years. Mediums such as traffic exchanges and safelists cannot a primary source of traffic. The internet is about information and the sharing of common interests. As long as we keep this in mind and practice a little patience, we can foster search engine optimization to our site, by gathering readers who regularly click on links to our daily posts. And each one of those link impressions counts as a vote for your blog or website.

Also, make sure not to put the cart in front of the horse by just posting links to your site all over the place. It is the implementation of keyword links inside of relevant posts that search engines respond to. There really are no short cuts; you gotta know what you're talking about and your readers need to be interested in the contents of your site. Never go off the path of sharing information. Links in Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed or any other social networks need to be pointing to relevant content. These merely help increase link popularity.

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